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Colour advice – when you’re dealing with damaged hair

If you’re frequently used to dying your hair, you must know how difficult, painful and time consuming this whole process really is. Let’s not forget about all the accompanying costs and mistakes (unwanted results) that can occur throughout. Of course, hair dying and colour advice can be offered by a hair specialist, whose opinion and suggestions will be reliable and trustworthy. But in some ways reaching out to a specialist is not always possible nor free. In this case it’s best to do your research online or ask friends for advice. Though it is highly recommended that if hair colour choice/dying is usually your own task, it’s actually best to follow professional colour advice – this will save you the trouble and extra stress.

Colour advice is especially important when it comes to damaged hair i.e. hair that’s already weak, brittle and full of dry ends or tangled strands. When it comes to damaged hair it’s best to keep in mind that when you’re relying on hair dye bought in normal drugstores, you must be really careful with them. The information presented on the packaging is often misleading and deceitful. First of all, the colour of the hair presented on the packaging will only be reflected like that if your hair has never been dyed before. This means that original and natural hair colours will be less vulnerable to unexpected results. However, if you have dyed your hair in the past, then the effect of the dye can be completely different. Being aware of that is important, and if possible, always carry out tests using small dye samples. Secondly, you must follow and get to know all the advice and instructions on the labels, otherwise you might also end up with uncanny results. Finally, if you’re re-dyeing your hair, be sure not to put much hair dye on the ends of your hair. If you always only do your roots, stick to that, as that will save the rest of your hair from being exposed to unnecessary damage. After all, your hair may already be damaged and vulnerable, so you should preferably limit them from further hazard caused by artificial products.

Colour advice – the hair specialist

There’s plenty of sources out there (especially the internet) that are wealthy with hair dying and colour advice. There are dedicated websites, blog portals, hair studios blogs and articles. They often offer high quality content and invaluable information that can be easily turned to practice, bringing amazing effects. Still, for some people online hair advice isn’t enough. In such cases it’s best to choose a local hair salon and enjoy professional help and the expertise of those who deal with hair on a daily basis!

Interestingly, in some hair salons it’s actually possible to book a free consultation, where you can find all info regarding your hair type and texture. It’s also possible to ask for dying and colour advice. After completing such consultation, there’s not much else you can do – so either buy your products, or book your appointment and get your hair dyed with all the confidence you’ve just gained. After the dying process, however, remember to treat your hair gently and give it all the care you can. Be careful with the overuse of heat styling tools and dryers. In fact, try to always apply a heat protectant when dealing with such tools. This way your hair colour will last much longer, and your hair will remain sleek and healthy.

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