Female hair loss – physical and psychological consequences

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January 18, 2018
February 4, 2018

Female hair loss – Our self image

Female hair loss can be a very negative and even traumatic experience for a woman, there’s no doubt about that.  Substantial hair loss can heavily affect women’s appearance, and thus completely alter the way women look. As a result, women affected by this illness may have real difficulties in looking at themselves (and even recognising themselves) in the mirror. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the related issues. Problems with physical self-image may lead to further psychological problems e.g. extensive stress, exposition of embedded mental insecurities and even depression.

A lot of people constitute their identity on the basis of their looks and appearance. Our body often defines who we are, and if we feel good about the way we look, this will often dictate and positively reflect our mental health. Our bodies have their limits, and there’s nothing we can change about it. Hence it’s understandable and logical that any disturbing, unwanted and sudden changes to our body will directly affect our mental state and self-perception, even to the point of distorting our identity.

So in terms of female hair loss, this type of an impactful change can be truly devastating. And this situation can get even worse, as women are still afraid or embarrassed to talk freely about their health problems, especially the psychological ones, denying any serious trouble with self-perception. Paradoxically, this can be complicated further by female hair loss treatment methods. Those are so advanced and complex nowadays that at first sight they seem to solve all the trouble, but in fact the underlying issues may still be unravelling, as a sufferer realises that the treatments are a mere temporary illusion. Indeed, to most it may seem silly that effective hair restoration and temporary success is underappreciated, but for many women, female hair loss problems create much deeper wounds that can be only cured with full and successful hair restoration.

Female hair loss – effective solutions

Luckily, there are solutions out there that can bring out solid effects and aid our self-perception. Sometimes, all it takes is to find a hair salon which will offer an intimate atmosphere and be filled with friendly, compassionate staff members. Such salons may convert your look and help you to restore your natural appearance.  However, every illness and treatment processes affect people differently. So at times it’s not enough to simply alter our looks for the better, and for many, some sort of behavioural therapy is required, accompanying the hair restoration process. Therefore one thing is certain – mental distress can’t be disregarded. People are sensitive by nature, and all of us are in need for compassion and intimacy, especially when we are facing difficult health problems.

So psychological comfort and acceptance are vital for those suffering with hair loss, and its always a good idea to approach the female hair loss issue comprehensively. By combining restoration treatments with ongoing mental support, we’ll be able to achieve spectacular results.

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