Hair regrowth – basic information

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November 4, 2017
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Hair regrowth – how to care for your hair properly

Your hair is very sensitive, and its condition can tell you a lot about you and your physical as well as mental being. Therefore, it’s important to take proper care of your hair on a regular basis and make sure that the treatment you apply is relevant to your hair’s texture and type. So before you even start caring for your hair you need to be aware precisely what your hair is composed of. The best way to determine this is to consult it with a hair specialist. Only this way you’ll be a 100% sure what type of hair grows on your head e.g. weak/strong vs thick/thin etc. Recognising your hair type is even more important for people struggling with hair problems. If you’re suffering from substantial hair thinning, hair loss or bald spots then your hair will eventually start growing back, as long as you apply the correct treatment. Hair regrowth is a very important process which can take a lot of time. Therefore your patience and effort for its care is required and highly recommended. You need to remind yourself that successful hair regrowth can be enhanced and sped up with proper care routine.

Typically, hair regrowth takes up to a few months after treatment. Of course, it can take much longer if you’re suffering from serious medical conditions like alopecia areata or you’re struggling with trichotillomania. Either way, hair regrowth is a process during which your scalp and hair is really sensitive and relatively weak. In order for your hair-care methods to be effective and compelling, you need take appropriate steps. Initially, you must choose your cosmetics carefully, so book an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible to determine what your hair is made of and what cosmetics will be best suited for the hair. Secondly, list all possible treatment methods and choose one which is most suitable for you.

Hair regrowth – treatment methods

During the period of hair regrowth it’s important to be delicate. There’s a lot of treatment methods out there, so it may be easy to get confused which one is best, fastest, most effective. Still, if you spend enough time analysing them, and test out a few methods, you can be sure that there will be at least one which will satisfy all your needs. The most popular treatments are the ones focusing on ‘natural’ treatment i.e. using cosmetics which have limited chemicals within, avoiding complex hairstyles and even altering your hair-brushing approaches. But above all the natural treatment emphases rest and recovery which your hair needs. In other words, all the chemicals that you’ve treated it with in the past must go, and the key is also to be gentle, also giving your hair a break from man-made products such as hair dryers and straighteners.

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