Hair transplant Manchester

Greasy hair
Greasy hair
February 15, 2018

How to win the fight with baldness? Hair transplant Manchester

Alopecia, especially in elderly men, is considered fairly universal and a natural process of being. However, in the case of women and young men, acceptance of baldness comes with great difficulty. And even for older men it can be a challenging time. The concerned ones often begin their pharmacological treatment soon after discovering they’re losing hair – but this does not always guarantee, nor bring the expected effect. And then what? Then it is worth thinking about other solutions. One of the most recommendable methods is hair transplant Manchester.

Loss of hair doesn’t mean the process is irreversible

Hair transplant Manchester is a method recommended for those in whom renewed hair growth is no longer possible, or once all other alternative treatments have been tried and failed. We must remember that many diseases, which are accompanied by increased hair loss, are temporary – but they can leave permanent scaring when it comes to our hair.

Hair may fall out during eating disorders, stressful situations or even depression. However, when our body, system and state of mind return to normal, the hair begins to grow again. Similarly, this is the same case when in comes to the thyroid disease, hypothyroidism or hashimoto disease. During these illnesses our individual hair strands can become dry, dull, matted and they can easily fall out. If the patient takes adequate doses of thyroid hormones, he/she won’t be cured, but the symptoms of the disease, including hair loss will gradually vanish.

Furthermore, hair loss is probably most commonly a negative side effect of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy causes the breakdown of cancer cells, but the treatment also affects the healthy cells that shouldn’t be touched in the process. Therefore patients who fight cancer and undergo chemotherapy tend to lose clumps od their hair. However, after a couple of months, once the chemo is halted, the hair grows again. They do not always have exactly the same colour and structure, and they feel gritty and unhealthy in touch – but most importantly, they grow back, and sooner or later they regain their original look. Situations whereby the hair does not grow back, are extremely rare and are usually present only when the patient takes the strongest drugs.

Hair transplant Manchester – what does the procedure look like?

Hair transplant Manchester is (along with non-surgical methods of hair thickening), a method often chosen by people struggling with permanent hair loss (More about this on

Non-surgical methods are most often undergone by ladies who immediately want to have beautiful long hair and want an immediate pain-free solution. Those who are also in the process of hair loss treatment and are waiting for the regrowth of their own hair also chose this method in the meantime. The solutions are very popular among all ages and genders – they’re vital for the community because they bring about positive effects, and don’t pose a risk of complications.

Hair transplant Manchester is a surgical procedure which consists of supplementing hair in the areas that have been either touched by baldness or thinning, or where hair is clustered irregularly. During the procedure, a thin layer of skin is removed from the back of the head. Then the fragment is divided into small fragments (transplants), containing single follicles. These transplants are implanted into the bald or affected areas. In some clinics, instead of fragments of the skin, individual follicles are collected and simply implanted onto the scalp. This of course varies on the clinic and on the preference and expertise of the doctors who undergo this treatment.

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