How to naturally reverse hair loss

hair during chemotherapy
How patients diagnosed with cancer should care of their hair during chemotherapy
October 8, 2017

A lot of people experience the problem of hair loss.

This is a really upsetting and irritating process. Though, before you decide on taking any medications or treatment, you should determine what causes your problem. You should also know that hair loss is a natural process which everyone experiences every day. However, if the amount of your hair falling out exceeds the normal level which is about 100 to 200 of hair per day, then you should start to be concerned and try to locate the reason to why this is happening. There are many possible factors which influence it, for example, low-quality diet, permanent stress, lack of sleep and various illnesses. Because of it, we should consult our problem with a doctor who will refer you to make all necessary tests.

However, most people often ignore this fact and start their own treatment which usually involves use of special shampoos or supplements for hair growth etc. Unfortunately, if we do not know the cause, any treatment like that will be ineffective, because you are not reaching the root of your problem. The most common cause of your hair loss is the high level of DHT hormone. The increased level of this hormone causes male baldness, and for women to grow facial hair. The hormone also causes thinning hair for both men and women. Nevertheless, the good news is there are several natural methods which reverse the hair loss and make your hair generally thicker. The first natural method which will help your hair grow again involves the use of an herb called saw palmetto.

It is a great supplement which will not only help you grow your hair back, but it is also very beneficial for men with prostate issues and for general health of women. Another thing you should definitely consume are the adaptogenic herbs which will help your body adapt and deal with stress. In addition, these herbs naturally balance your hormones and reduce cortisol level. Cortisol is an ageing hormone and another cause of hair loss. It has been scientifically proven that the higher level of cortisol is, the more hair you tend to lose. The most effective adaptogenic herbs are ashwaganhdha and rhodiola rosea. They will help you overcome stress and thereby your hair will be thickening and gradually growing back.

Another natural way which helps reducing the hair loss process are the use of omega-3 oils, especially fish oils.

However, if you want to start eating fish instead, we recommend buying only top-notch fish. In spite of this, fish oils reduce inflammations, contain fatty acids which will also help balance hormones levels and are generally much more reliable supplements. All these natural methods bring great effects to your body, and thanks to them, even after a few months you will notice the improvement of your hair condition. We would also like to mention, that all natural methods will be effective only if you remove sugars and grains from your daily diet. Even white bread causes DHT levels to increase. Try to avoid food high in carbohydrates, and eat products high in healthy fats e.g. avocados. Being on such a healthy diet will positively influence not only growth of your hair but also your general condition and wellbeing.

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