How patients diagnosed with cancer should care of their hair during chemotherapy

How to naturally reverse hair loss
How to naturally reverse hair loss
October 4, 2017
Women’s hair loss
Women’s hair loss
October 30, 2017

Loss of hair is not only a physical loss, but above all it can be a tremendous emotional experience

Patients treated with chemotherapy claim that the actual process is not even that upsetting. It is the long term effect it has on you which is negative. Every single time you look in the mirror, you see how you are being gradually deprived of your attractiveness, you look weak and fatigued. It should be added that your hair will not fall out one or two days after the first chemotherapy session. It will begin to happen after about two or three weeks. Hair loss following a chemotherapy is a gradual process, which will continue until your hair falls out completely. Unfortunately, patients are forced to see this negative effect every day. Women with long and beautiful hair who are diagnosed with cancer, very often decide to keep short hair styles. They do this in order to prepare themselves for the fact that for at least several next months they will need to forget about their old hairstyle.

This is a trick which helps them to adapt to this new situation

Post-chemotherapy hair loss has nothing in common with the hair loss that all healthy people experience every day. Patients receiving chemotherapy lose a handful of hair per day, and eventually their heads will contain irregular bald spots. Because of this, a large number of patients will want to limit this horrible experience will usually opt for shaving their head. However, some patients prefer waiting for the moment when all hair falls out on its own. If you are one of those, it is important that during this stage you take proper care of your hair, to keep them as strong and as healthy as possible until the end. During chemotherapy, hair is thin and weak, so patients have to forget about the standard care to which they were used to before the illness emerged. One of the most important things to do is to wash your hair as rarely as possible, for example, maximum once or twice a week. When we wash our hair we lose the most hair strands, and we certainly want to avoid that from happening.

Washing your hair accelerates the process of hair loss and makes it even weaker

Moreover, all products and cosmetics that you used before being diagnosed with cancer must be excluded for the time being. Put them aside until you recover. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that they are too heavy for your hair or that they can irritate your hair, making it fall out much faster than usual. On the current market there are products designated especially for noticeably thin and chemically treated hair. As long as your chemotherapy sessions last, you should probably tick to only these types of products, because they will certainly strengthen your hair.

It is well known that diet heavily influences the state of our hair, nails and skin

If we eat unhealthy food e.g. junk food, then even the use of best hair products will be pointless. The same rule applies to the people under regular chemotherapy treatment. They should be on a very healthy diet and try to provide their bodies with all necessary nutrients which can be taken in any form: food, pills or liquids. It is also vital to absorb antioxidants. It will help you getting rid of molecules known as free radicals which are responsible for damaging cells. Chemotherapy damages not only cancer cells but also healthy cells, and this is why patients exposed to the treatment feel so weak and fatigued. Appropriate nutrients will certainly make your hair stronger and will allow them to grow back more quickly following your chemo sessions.

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