Temporary hair loss – the basic information

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November 14, 2017
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Temporary hair loss – the key facts

Hair loss is a very complex issue. Even now doctors, hair specialists or stylists aren’t always certain what causes hair loss for individual people. There are simply too many factors that could influence hair loss, from genetics, to medical conditions etc. And before any conclusions are made, thorough investigation needs to begin. Generally, the main reasons behind hair loss are most often connected with the following: stress/anxiety (those are very difficult to prove, and it’s a challenge to treat this cause of hair loss effectively), hormones and their fluctuations (especially levels of androgens,), genes and genetical hair loss (e.g. balding running in your family, passed from parents to children), variety of medical conditions (such a alopecia areata, thyroid diseases, diabetes, accidents, injuries, chemo etc.) and finally, improper hair procedures or use of cosmetics. It’s definitely worth highlighting that some of them cause permanent hair loss, whereas others only affect our hair temporarily.

When it comes to temporary hair loss, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll be able to recover on your own and won’t need any special medication or treatment. To illustrate it better let’s focus on factors behind temporary hair loss. These are mainly all examples of stress related issues. If your hair is falling out because of stress then it might be comforting to know that its easy to treat the problem, as long as you’ll be able to determine the reasons behind your stress and anxiety. Once you’ve figured that out with the help of an expert, you’ll be able to successfully eliminate them, and finally your hair will be able to calmly regrow and get back to the way it was. Temporary hair loss can also result from alopecia areata. This autoimmune disease, which manifests itself through falling out hair, may in some instances cause only temporary hair problems. What’s interesting is that temporary hair loss problems can be also caused by an improper diet. A low protein diet or a diet that doesn’t provide a lot of calories can also make your hair start to fall out. Therefore always make sure you are well nourished, and if in doubt, once again it would be wise to visit a doctor.

Temporary hair loss – practical tips

The point made above needs to be elaborated. We cannot stress enough that if you want to deal effectively with temporary hair loss problems, you should always start with proper diagnosis of your problem. If you’re not sure about the plausible reasons behind your unusual and unexpected hair loss, then without proper consolation you may treat your illness with a wrong method, making things far worse than they already are. Therefore, once again, we strongly suggest, that before any conclusions or treatments are applied, make sure you consult a qualified doctor or a relevant hair specialists, and find out what exactly the causes are and why they manifest like they do. We guarantee that a doctor will put you in the right direction and he/she will reassure you about your condition and the way of treatment. Only then you’ll be able to judge whether the hair loss is permanent or temporary, making your situation clarified and safe.

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