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November 18, 2017
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What is trichotillomania?

These days, hair problems among the people are very common. Although, we would assume that with the technological advancement, high quality hair products and people’s awareness regarding hair treatment, the general hair problems would be reduced. This is really not the case. Unfortunately, the common age brings with itself high amounts of stress and nervousness which affects millions of people daily, impacting their physical condition. This fatigue may result in numerous hair-related issues. Trichotillomania is one of them, a psychologically induced control disorder which results in people consciously/subconsciously pulling their own hair out when combating stressful situations, anxiety or depression. Inability to control these urges results in serious hair loss, bald patches etc. Therefore those suffering from the condition may experience even more anxiety and unhealthy self-conscious thoughts, leading to further personal problems. And worst of all, these are only some of the few physical/psychological problems connected with trichotillomania.

What are trichotillomania complications?

If trichotillomania isn’t properly and quickly diagnosed and immediately treated it can lead to much more serious problems than temporary hair loss or bald patches. We need to bear in mind however that even proper diagnosis of this disorder isn’t easy, never mind implementing an effective treatment method. Trichotillomania treatment relies mostly on cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that the doctor works with the patient to try and replace the harmful habit with something else as satisfying, relieving and distracting e.g. using a stress ball. Basically a different solution and alternative stress relief method which does not damage one’s body. Nevertheless, such treatment can take a lot of time, and the patients need determination and patience during the recovery process, but even then purely positive results are not guaranteed. Everything depends highly on a person’s mental state and their environmental conditions. If behavioural therapies aren’t effective, or no positive outcomes are drawn, then there are medications on the market which can help to cure this disorder.

Unfortunately, if not approached with the right care, trichotillomania complications can be very serious. The most common trichotillomania complications are: serious inflammatory skin conditions that can lead to other hair and skin problems, permanent hair loss, noticeable bald patches etc. But as mentioned above, even greater psychological issues can result from avoiding this condition, a decrease in self-esteem and severe problems with body image and perception may be only one of the few issues faced as result of mistreatment.

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