Female hair loss
Female hair loss – physical and psychological consequences
January 23, 2018
Greasy hair
Greasy hair
February 15, 2018

Trychologist. What issues will we need to experience to visit the professional?

A trichologist, also called a ‘hair doctor’ or ‘hair expert’, primarily aids those who experience severe problems with the hair or scalp. Private trichological counselling centres also deal with the processes of thickening and prolonging the condition of our hair.

More and more patients use the trichological clinic services

It does not necessarily mean that more and more people have serious problems with the scalp or their hair in general. It just means that our self-awareness is constantly growing. And if you can improve something about yourself, and have it relieve you from physical or mental suffering, then you definitely have to go for it. Nowadays, we’re not afraid to search for good doctors, and we are not afraid to travel to distant clinics. This day and age represents confidence and determination, to make change if we’re unhappy about something.

The second reason as to why the demand for trichologists is constantly growing, is that we pay far more attention to our aesthetic appearance. Of course, there are still individuals out there who fall sick and neglect any treatments, but the vast majority of society desires to look attractive. We are now socially dependable on this factor. Women dye and extend hair, men get wigs and transplants. It is true that some diseases cannot be completely cured (e.g. psoriasis), but you can definitely heal them, and avail yourself with treatment procedures that enhance your looks. So you can enjoy a healthy hair or skin for a long time. Without a doubt, our self-esteem will then grow rapidly.

What is a trichologist?

Trichological centres employ graduates of higher education in the fields of medicine, biotechnology and cosmetology. This comprehensive and dynamic approach is necessary if you want to help patients affected by various medical conditions. Cooperation is key, and the combination of various methods of thinking from many scientific fields allows the centres to treat even the most difficult cases.

Trychologists deal with diseases and issues related to the scalp and hair. Like normal doctors, they provide a diagnoses and relevant treatments. They perform thorough research, select appropriate methods of treatment and search for solutions that will avail the patient to survive the difficult time. It is their duty to help the patients return to a normal state, i.e. the stage of the life before they developed the disease.

What problems should we go to the trichologist with?

First of all, you should visit the trichologist as soon as you become concerned about the condition of your scalp or hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big issue or a minor irritancy. Now, excessive greasiness or hair loss are the most common complaints, but they are also much more serious issues that are tackled. Alopecia areata, seborrheic head, dermatitis, psoriasis – these are just some examples of the diseases that are treated by the trichologists. A good trichologist will try his/her best to solve any given condition, and help in all sorts of situations. He/she will select appropriate treatment methods and guide the patient through to the elimination process.

Trichological counselling centres also treat the skin, but in the meantime also offer alternative treatments that will conceal the problem for the duration of the treatment. Some of the patients eventually decide to use extensions to thicken their existing hair, others prefer to go for more traditional options – wigs.

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